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Profile of TianTong

Founded in 2002, TianTong Law Firm is committed to becoming the most trusted and respected law firm in the field of dispute resolution in China. Since its founding, TianTong never strives for the size, but for perfection of our work.  Following the development strategy of “staying at the top of the game”, we are dedicated to resolving major and complex commercial disputes for our clients and providing them with 4-in-1 full spectrum legal services encompassing litigation, arbitration, enforcement and bankruptcy. TianTong's Beijing headquarter and seven offices have always adhered to the integrative management of manpower, business, market and brand. With our concentration and devotion, our pursuit of extreme excellence, our ingenious tactics, and our open-mindset, TianTong's cohort of professional lawyers, with effective working mode and innovative modus operandi, is contributing to the creation of a more just legal ecosystem in practice.


TianTong's unrivalled track record before all levels of the people's courts (especially the Supreme People's Court) and major arbitral institutions speaks for itself. More than 30 cases handled by TianTong have been selected into core publications on civil and commercial trials, such as Gazette of the Supreme People's Court, Guide on Commercial Adjudication  Civil Trial Guidance and Reference, Case-filing Guidance and Reference, and Judicial Supervision and Guidance. Some of our cases have been selected by the Supreme People's Court as reference cases, serving as a guideline for civil and commercial trials in the future. TianTong has also repeatedly clinched spectacular year-round winning streak in commercial arbitration.

Our Approach
  • Visualization
    Through visualization tools, we turn complex legal relations and key facts into clear and demonstrative charts and diagrams.
  • Moot Court
    Through moot court, we accurately evaluate the cases and thoroughly prepare for trials and hearings. Practicing and refining strategies in mooting guarantee our superior performances in courts.
  • Know-How Management
    As a professional law firm specializing in dispute resolution, we invest on know-how management and adopts the big data approach. Such efforts are our key to success in courts.
Major Events
  • 2021
  • 2020
    On January 5th, the Sanya Municipal People’s Government signed the strategic cooperation agreement with TianTong Law Firm and Wusong Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., supporting TianTong and Wusong to establish the Legal Technology (Sanya) Innovation Center in Sanya as the research center for legal artificial intelligence, innovative technology and foreign-related commercial dispute resolution as well as the training base for the Non-litigation Academy. TianTong (Sanya) Law Firm and the Legal Technology (Sanya) Innovation Center were inaugurated at the same time.
  • 2019
    TianTong’s best partner program named the Best Friends was officially launched under which TianTong would work closely, cooperate in depth and make progress together with law firms or teams sharing common missions, visions and values in brand promotion, market development, service standardization, etc., with the litigation information system as the starting point and the high-standard service concept as the base.
  • 2018
    TianTong successfully completed the national Seven-star layout, acquiring the full-process service capability of providing "litigation + arbitration + execution + bankruptcy" services all over China to domestic and foreign clients.
  • 2017
    TianTong took the first step in its national layout, opening its Nanjing Office, the first branch.
  • 2016
    TianTong established its strategic layout of “appropriate scale on the basis of integration”.
  • 2015
    TianTong released the TianTong Code, the first search system for the retrieval of similar cases in China.
  • 2014
    TianTong officially launched its WeChat public account the TianTong Litigation Circle which, with the persistence, has attracted nearly 500,000 legal professionals as its followers, published nearly 2,000 articles authored by the TianTong team, and been read for more than 40 million times.
    China Law Society formally established the Lawyers Law Society and set up the secretariat in TianTong.
  • 2013
    TianTong moved to No. 3 Courtyard, Nanwanzi Hutong, located adjacent to the "Forbidden City", establishing its mission of "redefining litigation service" and vision of "participating in creating a more fair and just legal ecosystem".
  • 2012
    TianTong held its brand event, the TianTong Open Day, for the first time of which the footprint has spread all over the country, with more than 10,000 legal professionals gathered together under the idea of "let openness be a spirit, and let sharing promote the growth of the industry".
  • 2011
    TianTong moved to No. 10 Nanwanzi Hutong, started the Eagle Logo symbolizing the spirit of TianTong, and established its "winning weapon"-litigation visualization, moot court, knowledge management and big data.
  • 2010
    TianTong implemented the TianTong Law Firm Lawyers Team and Compensation Management Rules, clarifying the professional team case handling system under the leadership of supervisors and team management partners for the first time and adopting the full-time lawyer grade system.
    TianTong also implemented the Tiantong Knowledge Management Plan and Specific Work Contents in 2011, setting up the TianTong knowledge management team.
  • 2009
    TianTong proposed a team-based, standardized, and process-based work model and implemented the TianTong Law Firm Case Assessment Measures and the Implementation Rules, launching the first case assessment model which has become an important basis for the firm's high track record.
  • 2008
    TianTong implemented the Guidelines for Case Management Procedures, formally dividing TianTong's case handling procedures into four stages, i.e. case evaluation, engagement, case handling, and case closing and archiving.
  • 2007
    China amended the Civil Procedure Law and TianTong determined the retrial litigation service before the Supreme People's Court (SPC) as its core business.
  • 2004
    Mr JIANG Yong, the founding partner of TianTong, gave a keynote speech at the Beijing Lawyers Industry Reorganization Conference, introducing TianTong’s management process to the industry for the first time. TianTong implemented the TianTong Law Firm Litigation Process, disassembling the litigation service process into 42 phases for the first time. TianTong also implemented the Beijing TianTong Law Firm Lawyers' Time Management Measures (Trial), initiating the time-based lawyers' work assessment system.
  • 2003
    TianTong, representing Sichuan Changhong, appealed to the SPC, participated in the designated retrial procedure and finally won the lawsuit (amount in dispute: RMB 20 million), representing Sichuan Anyue Rural Credit Cooperative, applied to the SPC for enforcement coordination and supervision and won the lawsuit involving the RMB 100 million deposit certificate dispute, and representing Cinda Assets, participated in the second instance loan contract guarantee dispute case before the SPC and won the case (amount in dispute: RMB 100 million) which were published in the SPC Guiding and Reference for Civil and Commercial Trials(Volume 1, 2003).
  • 2002
    On December 30, TianTong was established with three partners, two full-time lawyers and three administrative staff.
    On December 31, TianTong, representing the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Bureau of Pingjiang County, participated in the second instance equity transfer dispute case with the dispute amount of RMB 73.54 million before the SPC and won the first case after TianTong's establishment.